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Project Management

Design Thinking Approach: In this framework, you start with understanding the users, their issues and then identify the possible solutions for the user group. This framework ends with creating a prototype and testing the solution in the market to check the market fit.
New Product Development Framework: This is a more commonly accepted approach where you begin with your product ideas and validate them in the market to check for the fit.

Once it's validated, you build a prototype, plan your entire production and post-production, and work on the costing before actual development.

Binashree takes care of your product from concept design to large scale manufacturing including packaging. we will be hand holding you in each development stages of product.

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supply chain

Managed Supply Chain

Once you have a product prototype you’re satisfied with, it is time to start gathering the materials and securing the partners needed for production. This is also referred to as building your supply chain: the vendors, activities, and resources that are needed to create a product and get it into a customers’ hands. While this phase will mainly involve looking for manufacturing-related services, you may also factor in storage, shipping, and warehousing into your choices at this stage. It also has the added benefit of creating a backup option if one of your suppliers or manufacturers doesn’t work out. Sourcing several options is an important part of safeguarding your business for the long term.

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