Our ethos lies in providing more quality per time. Our specialization lies in shaping complex ideas into physical prototypes. Our methods are suitable for low volumes/batch production, which is an added advantage. The components produced by us are best suited for market research prototypes as well as low volume production for real world analysis and start ups.


Our various industries application and process:-


Polyurethanes have applications in catheter and general purpose tubing, hospital bedding, surgical drapes, wound dressings, as well as in a variety of injection molded devices.


By prototyping these products you can ensure that the piece of jewelry will fit correctly for your final applications which save your valuable time and reduction in cost of production.


Interior components, technical parts, structural elements as well as components for navigation, propulsion engineering and satellite technology.


Polyurethanes are used to make automobile seats, interior components of automobiles, headrests, armrests etc for varying automobiles (car, truck, and SUV) on the market.


Typically polyurethanes are selected for the excellent abrasion resistances, good electrical properties, excellent adhesion, impact strength, and low-temperature flexibility


Any designs which needs to be showcased to client or for general public with proper details, prototype models will help you in presentation of your work.


Polyurethane is used as a black wrapping for timepiece bracelets over the main material which is generally stainless steel. It is used for comfort, style, and durability.