3D Printing provides a New Platform to Revolutionize Medical Field

The use of 3D printing technology has reached and infiltrated various industries giving excellent methods of designing and producing goods. The precise way of representing a concept by mimicking the design and give it a shape via 3D printing devices is amazing. The experts have analyzed the current growth and rate of innovations in this industry. They suggest that the day is not far when humans will become capable of printing organs and using them to give a new life to the patients. The use of 3D printing technology in the medical world is huge. From prosthetics to bio-printing, custom medical devices to pharmaceutical delivery systems, anything can be designed and constructed using this technology. The rate of innovation and the development in the technology is taking us to the world where producing any intricate item in a flawless way will be a lot easier.

3d Medical

Special ways of using 3D printing in the Medical Field

  • Hospital Labs using 3D Printing

The exclusive 3D printing manufacturing processes are used by the reputed hospital labs to create personalized models suiting the anatomy of the patients. It becomes easier to create customized implants for the patients so that the medical procedures can be more effective. Despite the capabilities of the 3D printing technology, very few of the medical platforms are using it. The reason is that the 3D manufacturing demands a higher cost that most of the patients might not be able to handle. Despite the drawback, the research and use of 3D printing prototypes in the medical field make it easier for the medical professionals to practice surgeries or discuss plans.

Hospital Labs using 3D Printing

  • Cost Effective Prosthetics

The prosthetics segment of the healthcare industry needs individual-specific design as everyone’s physiology is different. This is where the 3D printing techniques come in very handy. The prosthetics are designed after mapping the specific requirement of the person. The precise design will be perfectly shaped so that it fits excellently. The latest designs of the prosthetics also come with excellent features such as flexibility, degree of freedom, etc. The use of this technology, especially in the developing countries, will give a new hope to the amputees to enjoy life in a different way.

  • Medical Implants

3D printing can aid in replacing faulty body parts such as knees, spine, hips, spinal parts, etc. The innovative material used to print the body parts are exclusively designed by the medical experts so that it can be accepted by the immune system. After proper tests, the medical associations and regulatory bodies allow the use of such intricately designed implants.

3d Medical Service

  • Aids and Protective Devices

From hearing aids to dental implants, the protective devices and aids are designed for perfection. The people using these customized devices find it easier to cope with the changed lifestyle. A better fit enables the person to enjoy a comfortable life.

In a Nutshell

The 3D printing manufacturing processes have immense use in almost all industries. It offers a new way to visualize an idea and shape it perfectly so that everyone can understand. The medical world has got a new platform to create medical devices for various purposes.

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