How to Choose the Best Vacuum Casting Services Provider

Vacuum casting is one of the better and cost effective ways to produce low volume components, especially polyurethane parts. Vacuum casting, of course, has other applications such as in metal castings. Vacuum sucks out the air and ensures castings are free of defects like blow hole and pin-hole. If you need such parts then it is better to outsource it to a vacuum casting service provider but you need to exercise some precautions in order to find the right one.

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Design is important for appearance of the product. It is also important to control material use and yet impart structural rigidity and strength. Therefore, when you look for vacuum casting services, you have to ensure that they have the right set of CAD design tools and experienced professionals. These experts can prepare a 3D model using the right CAD software and use it to prepare the master mould.

Master mould

Where polyurethane casting is concerned, the master mould must be made, which is usually created using various techniques among which 3D printing is one cost effective method. The traditional way is to use CNC 5 axis machining to create the master mould. Check if the service provider has these facilities.

mould making

Next, the vacuum casting service you choose must have the expertise to know how to coat the mould with silicone rubber and cure it just right so that it has dimensional accuracy and also the desired finish. There is a further process of splitting the mould so that the cast polyurethane product can be taken out. It must be done just right by putting a parting line on the silicone mould. Curing the silicone mould the right way is important and for this the service you choose should have appropriate vacuum chamber in which the master mould with silicone coating can be suspended for curing at the right temperature.

Vacuum casting

The vacuum casting provider must have a vacuum chamber in which the mould can be suspended and then vacuum created for the right duration. Mixing the resin needs care before it is injected into the silicone mould for curing. The vacuum chamber should be capable of attaining the right degree of vacuum and maintain the temperature to ensure perfect curing of the resin. Then there are several things such as embedding an insert or adding different colors that an expert service provider should be capable of.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time may be important for buyers and the service you choose should be prompt and execute a project in a speedy manner so that you can get your product to market faster and generate revenues.

3d printing manufacturing

Binashree vacuum casting services match all important parameters that you can hope for when you want precisely cast polyurethane parts in any quantity. They can do it with polyurethanes or with metals as may be necessary, following appropriate steps for each material type. You can order out as few as 50 parts or more. Getting an expert to do it proves cheaper in the long run since they deliver perfection.

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